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“Never regret anything that made you smile. Especially if it’s desert.” ~ Oreo 🍰

One pink bean


Bathing by the window

I like to look out at the schoolyard
And watch the children play
My favorite part is to try and guess
What snacks they’ve brought today. 🥨🍌🍎

Good morning Fluff 💚

A mess of morning Fluff

The cat of many faces.

A summer day outdoors 🌻

My favorite kind of suit
Is one that’s black and white
Sometimes it is loose
And sometimes it is tight
It won’t shrink if it gets wet
And it never needs to be pressed
You can wear it everyday
And you’ll always be well dressed!
It looks good whether you’re thin
Or whether you’re fat!
My favorite kind of suit
Is the suit that belongs to my cat!