Category: Oreo

When you really enjoy your dinner 🧡

Oreo has a Spa Day 🛀🧴🎀

King of the jungle 🌳

“Always hold your head high. Unless you’re asking for the donut on the bottom shelf.” ~ Oreo 🍩

“Just because someone walks a different path than yours doesn’t mean they’re lost. It probably just means they have a different favourite restaurant.” ~ Oreo 🍝

Back to the future 💨

“Life’s not about waiting for things to pass. Except if you’re waiting for someone to pass the gravy.“ 🍗

“Money won’t make you, but it can get someone to make you a sandwich.” ~ Oreo 🥪

“Wherever you go in life, always make sure to bring a snack.” ~ Oreo 🍪

“Great minds discuss ideas. Even greater minds discuss them over dinner.” ~ Oreo 🍝