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From @peculiarpanther: “If there are any vampires out there missing fangs, Emmett has a spare set. 🧛‍♂️ Emmett’s lower canines were replaced a while ago, but his upper ones have taken their good old time. Mom checked constantly so that she could capture this double canine phase.” #catsofinstagram [source: ]

From @danithecatlady: “Got to see @its_me_danielle_b newest foster kitten Bullseye, over the weekend. Isn’t he the cutest!!?? He was saved from HCPRC euthanasia list, and I’m so glad he was. FOSTERING REALLY DOES SAVE LIVES!” #catsofinstagram [source: ]

From @elli.vitiligo: “I am waiting… it is time to play hooman!
💚💙❤🧡💜💛” #catsofinstagram [source: ]

From @myfosterkittens: ““Are you proud of me? By the way, Lino made that litter mess, not me.” -Bambina” #catsofinstagram [source: ]

From @taco.wackocat: “Felt cute, might delete later. 🐱” #catsofinstagram [source: ]

‪From @bibikoniko: “☆‬ ‪パルクールニコちゃん👏” #catsofinstagram ‬ [source: ]

From @my_boy_belarus: “Hardcore judging why you’re up this early and where you’re getting ready for 🙀” #catsofinstagram [source: ]

From @kiro_and_todi: “The tallest gets the most treats!” #catsofinstagram [source: ]

From @meowtward_bound: “Why can’t I stop beating dis smells so yum? Best not killz. Yet. 😼🔪🌚” #catsofinstagram [source: ]

From @rexiecat: “Do you know what blissful pleasures look like? Cheek it out! 😻” #catsofinstagram [source: ]