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Pudding the friendly kitten.

Pudding is doing pretty well so far. Oreo has not hissed or growled at him even once. He’s not ready to play with Pudding yet and is still getting used to the idea. I think he got a little bit jealous yesterday when I had to give Pudding a bath. He’s quieter than usual and he’s not playing as much, but I’ve been doing my best to keep the same routines with both him and Onyx.

Onyx is coming around. The first day she hid under my bed sheets all day. The second day, she slept in her cat tree and yesterday she roamed around out of curiosity. 

Pudding has taken to Sunshine’s old hiding spot inside of a carpet scratcher. It was Sunshine’s scratcher since I got her. He’s also taken to sleeping on the pillow next to me, which Sunshine used to do as well. I feel bad for Oreo and Onyx and the last thing I want is for them to feel less important. I hope given time, they’ll get back to their regular selves. Oreo is still eating like a bottomless pit, lol. Pudding really wants to play with both the others. He’s been trying but Onyx hisses at him and Oreo just walks away. He’s been getting on pretty well by himself though. Lord does he ever have energy!

Pudding is a lot bigger than Oreo was at 2 months so I think he will end up being a big cat. He’s still having poo-poo issues even though he’ on medication for the bacteria he has. I called the vet today and told him. Pudding has changed food a lot in the past few days so the vet thinks it could just be related to that. I hope it is. Lord knows I don’t want to have to deal with another parasite like Oreo had when he was a baby. My vet is supposed to call me back later today with some suggestions. Hopefully it won’t cost me another fortune. How do I get myself into these things?!

I will keep you all posted on how things are going!

Well, after a long day yesterday and a very expensive vet bill, I would like you all to welcome little Pudding here…. Oreo and Onyx’s new brother! 💚
I was not expecting to spend so much on a kitten but it turns out Pudding has a little parasite (like most rescue kittens), so I decided to treat him right away. He also got some blood tests for FIV and feline leukaemia which both came out negative! Thanks goodness for credit cards because I’ve still got his adoption fee to pay 😭💚 Oreo came to the vet with us to get weighed and while we were there this little dude snuggled him. So I think everything will fall into place. Welcome home Pudding!

So this just happened! Meet pudding 💚

His best work has always been cleaning the dishes 🍽

Onyx was always a feisty little one.

I wish I was a little bit taller, wish I was a baller ⛹️‍♀️

Oreo had mad skillz even as a kitten. 💚

Don’t you sometimes wish they could stay this small forever?

Smol Fluff


Curious kitten

neutrxlposts said: Hey,I hope your having a great day.I just wanted to know if you had any videos of when your cat was a kitten or not and can your please post it?Thank you very much <3

Here’s one of my faves!