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Would you like to supersize your fries?! 🍟

Happy Halloween and welcome to MeowcDonald’s! May we take your order purrlease?! 




What do you like best about Halloween?! 🎃👻🖤

DIY toilet paper mummies 🎃👻🖤

Ghosts go “BOO!” 👻
Cats go “Mew” 🐈
Give me something good to chew 🍬
If you don’t,
You’d best beware!
For I’ll puke up a ball of hair 🤢

DIY Halloween necktie 👔🎃

The scariest costume 👻

DIY Fluffoween bandanna 🎃🖤🧡

The Pudding Monster 👻🎃

Have you ever heard of Peter?
The famous Pumpkin eater?
His wife was kept inside of a pumpkin shell.
After many years it began to smell.
Her cat, feeling awfully lonely and sad,
Chewed through the pumpkin and disobeyed dad.
Now together, they’ve plot his demise
Baking poor Peter into Pumpkin pies 🎃🥧