Category: daily wisdom

“Life always gets better after a good meal.” ~ Oreo 🍝

“A smart person knows what to say. A smart hungry person knows exactly who to say it to.” ~ Oreo 🥪

“Sometimes pizza is more important than people.” ~ Oreo 🍕

“Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Wait for someone to bring you donuts intead.” ~ Oreo 🍩

“Someday, everything will make sense. For now, just have a sandwich!” ~Oreo 🥪

“Never feel the need to defend or explain your own decisions― If you want pizza for breakfast, eat pizza for breakfast.” ~ Oreo


“Never let anyone dull your fluff.” ~ Oreo 🐈

“Sometimes the best therapy can be as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich.” ~ Oreo 🧀🍞

“A Jedi uses The Force. A cat uses The Fluff.” ~ Oreo 🐈

“Never wait around for things. Unless you’re waiting around the corner to the drive-thru.” ~ Oreo 🌮