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“Hold on to the things that keep you warm inside. Just don’t forget to wear oven mitts.” ~ Oreo 🍲

More daily random acts of Pudding.

Why do people stuff stockings? 🧦
They’re supposed to be for your toes.
Instead of stuffing them with tiny gifts 🎁
You could be wearing them when it gets cold! ❄️
So keep the stockings for your feet
And stuff something else instead!
My tummy is always available
If you need a place to stuff the bread! 🍞

Dancing King 👑

Random acts of Pudding.

“Say ‘thank you’ to someone each day. Thank you for breakfast, thank you for lunch and thank you for dinner.” ~ Oreo 🥐🌭🍜

Random acts of Pudding

The handsomest cat 🐈

Ginger chase

“No place is boring when there’s good food.” ~ Oreo 🍝