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i needed the full songs worth of this not 15 seconds

Have an unproblematic cute. Definitely turn the song on.

There isn’t a time that goes by that I don’t reblog this whenever i stumble across it on this here Le Tunglr website

@yunhos-gf @yeosangkang

Here we go again!

The paw point.

When your cat has a texting addiction 📱

Because we needed a gif of his pantaloons

Sometimes he misjudges himself a little 🤣

Behind every great man stands a strong woman 💗

Oreo: What do you want for Christmas Coco?
Coco: Peace.
Oreo: A piece of what? Bacons?
Coco: On Earth.
Oreo: Well I should hope so. Sending a piece of bacons to Mars would cost a lot in postage.

I’m in love with the shape of fluff 💗

How Sunday nights should always be.

Love is a four legged word 💗