Category: catlogic

“Never stop doing your best because you don’t get credit. You can ask for change instead.” ~ Oreo 💳💰


“The only time you should let life get you down is when your snacks are on the bottom shelf.” ~ Oreo 🍪

“Wisdom is always better than strength. Except when you can’t get the jar of olives open.” ~ Oreo 🍽


“If you know me, you know that:
– I am honest
– I am loyal
– I am weird
– I am hungry 🍝

“Helping others is a way to help ourselves. Helping yourself to someone else’s sandwich helps them to finish their lunch.” ~ Oreo 🥪


“Just because something’s difficult doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. You’ll never know how tasty those pickles are if you give up on the jar.” ~ Oreo 🥒🍽


“Old ways can never open new doors. Unless it’s the door to a new refrigerator.” ~ Oreo 🍞🧀🥚🥦

“We often don’t realize our own abilities until we try. I thought I could only carry one sandwich but once I tried, I realized I was able to carry two.” ~ Oreo 🥪🥪

“Always find a reason to laugh, even if it’s at yourself. Besides, you sure look silly with mustard on your chin.” ~ Oreo 🍔🍟

“Life is as good as you make it. So is your sandwich.” ~ Oreo 🥪