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He’s learning to play fetch 🧡

“If at first you don’t succeed, put the leftovers in the fridge for later.” ~ Oreo 🍗🍲🍰

“Focus on the good, and if you can’t then focus on the delicious.” ~ Oreo 🍕

“The greatest things in life can’t be seen or touched. That might also be because you ate them.” ~ Oreo 🍕🍩🌮🍔🍝

Making time to eat is an important part of a daily routine. 🥪

No matter what he’s done, he’s all smiles 😸

The kids discover snow ❄️

“Life is like a cookbook. You’ve got to repeat the good recipes and drop the bad ones.” ~ Oreo 🍝

Majestic Fluff

Christmas? no, thanks