Author: The Oreo Cat ®

I’ve got a tiny toy turkey;
A tiny toy turkey have I!
Roast him in the oven~
Or bake him into pie.
Serve him up with mash
And colorful veggies in season
Don’t forget the gravy,
Or you’ll be tried for treason!
I’ve got a tiny toy turkey;
A tiny toy turkey have I!
The tinier the better,
You may quote me to the letter!
For there’s more room for pumpkin pie! 🥧

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to the most wonderful little girl in my life! From the moment I first saw Onyx’s photo when she was a kitten, I instantly fell in love with her. I took her in as a foster kitten but I knew in my heart that I would fail miserably. From the moment she stepped into the house, she also stepped right into my heart. God works in wondrous ways. Everyone has their place in this world, and Onyx was definitely meant to be by my side. 💜

Dinner debate 🥩🐟🍗🥔

Pudding the friendly kitten.

Have you ever heard of Peter?
The famous Pumpkin eater?
His wife was kept inside of a pumpkin shell.
After many years it began to smell.
Her cat, feeling awfully lonely and sad,
Chewed through the pumpkin and disobeyed dad.
Now together, they’ve plot his demise
Baking poor Peter into Pumpkin pies 🎃🥧

Pudding and the pumpkin 🎃

Trick or Treat?! 🎃✨🍬

So this happened! 💞

“Never stop doing your best because you don’t get credit. You can ask for change instead.” ~ Oreo 💳💰


Ninja practice 💨