From @pawsofoz: “Lazy little loves😻 #fosterkittens” #catsofinstagram [source: ]


“Hold on to the things that keep you warm inside. Just don’t forget to wear oven mitts.” ~ Oreo 🍲

From @leo.mainecoon: “happy holidays folks! 🎄😉” #catsofinstagram [source: ]

‪From “One of my favourite tricks ❤️🐾🐾🐾” #catsofinstagram ‬ [source: ]

‪From @cobythecat: “All it takes is a piece of string to knock me off my feet.” #catsofinstagram ‬ [source: ]

‪From @kellyfosterkittens: “What’s the name of the 4th meal of the day, between lunch and dinner – but after breakfast, brunch, and lunch??…. asking for a few friends who definitely want that meal right MEOW! 😹❤️🙈” #catsofinstagram ‬ [source: ]

More daily random acts of Pudding.

‪From @kitten_faces: “That’s Carlyle scaling my pants, Carmel frantically screaming on two back legs, and Carmody is like, “really, boys?!” And yes, everyone did have their own bowl. 🤣🙀😹 Hard to believe the #carkitties are two years old. 💙💙❤️” #catsofinstagram ‬ [source: ]